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Dancer has a bright future

“There is one dancer in this room whose performance has excelled far above the rest, whose passion and enthusiasm for dance stands out from the rest.”

These were the words of Christian Vincent, of “So You Think You Can Dance Canada,” said this at an LA Dance Magic convention of 1,000 girls last January.

He then pointed to junior Lauren Mather, whose cheeks turned bright red. She was overwhelmed from being singled out in the immense group.

Since she started putting up dancing and singing shows at age 2 for her parents, Mather has devoted her life to dancing and has earned herself chances to dance with celebrities like Vincent, 32 dance scholarships and several college scholarships. Her talent has also earned her a prestigious spot in the national team LA Dance Magic.

As a part of Dance Magic, Mather has traveled across the country to places like Houston, Denver and Dallas. It sounds exciting, but being part of a national team is a lot of work. She also dances with the Dance Academy USA (DAU) Production Company in Cupertino.

In addition to practicing regularly at DAU, she travels about once a month for Dance Magic to attend multiple day conventions.

“At the conventions we often have to practice from 6 p.m.-1 a.m.,” said Mather, “and we spend the rest of our time assisting choreographers for shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’”

Dancing is a clearly a huge time commitment, and it can also present some other challenges.

“DAU can be really competitive,” said Mather. “There’s also an age gap. The youngest person could be the one receiving the most praise and we have to compete for scholarships.”

The competition is sometimes a mixed blessing in that dancers can become jealous over the awards handed out.

The negative aspects of dance, however, are clearly overshadowed by its benefits and her passion for it.

Mather loves the friends she makes, but the real perk is the dancing itself.

“I love dance because it’s the only way I get to put myself out there and let go,” said Mather “When I dance, I become vulnerable. I grow as a person and an artist.”

In addition, dancing has served as a major learning experience for Mather.

“I’ve learned to deal with rejection, because often the best dancers aren’t chosen for a part because they don’t have the right look,” said Mather. “It helps separate work and emotion and take corrections.”

Her talent in dancing is a result of her commitment and passion for dancing.

“I think that Lauren is such a good dancer because she truly is in love with dance,” said good friend junior Laura Mighdoll. “She is so dedicated and it’s something that’s been close to her heart since she was a little girl.”

Mather appears on her way to the big time, having performed live on Fox News this past summer after “So You Think You Can Dance” in a segment that spotlighted young aspiring dancers.

Mather does plan to continue dancing throughout her college experience and to pursue some form of dance throughout her life.

“I want to eventually either move to L.A., which I know will be difficult considering how sporadic dance jobs are there, or open up a dance studio,” said Mather.

Either way, Mather is one to look out for. Who knows, you might turn on “So You Can Think You Can Dance” in a few years and see her on center stage.

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