Rally commission introduces trophy, point system

September 5, 2017 — by Elaine Toh and Ananya Vadlakonda

Beginning with the first rally of the year on Sept. 1, the rally commission introduced a point system based on each class’ section decorations, class colors, cheering volume and performance in games, with a trophy to go to the winning class at the end of each.

Each class was judged by principal Paul Robinson and assistant principal Brian Safine, with the judges subject to change in the future. As the first rally came to a close, the senior class prevailed with juniors coming in a close second, followed by sophomores in third and the freshmen in fourth.

The seniors were awarded the 6-foot trophy, which will be in their possession until the next rally, when it will be fair game for other classes to compete for it.

“We just thought this new way of spirit and hyping people up would work, and I think it definitely did,” rally commissioner Allison Borch said.