A family affair: The Parr sisters share one softball season together

March 8, 2017 — by Emily Chen

As twins, seniors Sophie and Maxine Parr are used to working together on the field or court. After all, they’ve played sports together since kindergarten.

But though they both play field hockey, basketball and softball, this softball season is the first that Sophie, Maxine and Ella, their freshman sister, will play an entire season on the same team together.

“Playing with Sophie has been so much fun because we are competitive with each other and not afraid to be tough with each other, but we also are able to laugh with each other about mistakes we make,” Maxine said. “Playing with Ella is not much different, but it brings another Parr to the team, which can be a handful.”

As one of three freshmen on varsity, first baseman and outfielder Ella sees familiar faces when she sees Maxine playing third and Sophie at catcher and in the outfield.

The twins have played high school softball for the past three seasons and are not afraid to give Ella advice.

“They don’t feel bad about critiquing me because they know they can’t really hurt my feelings, and even if they do they don’t care,” Ella said. “They definitely support me and I know that they’ll tell me the truth, and that’s always nice.”

Playing together provides more time for the sisters to bond and share inside jokes, but the Parrs especially enjoy singing and dancing along to ABBA, a Swedish pop group, during warm-ups or batting practice. Even though they spend lots of their time together at home and at practice, Maxine is glad she can “always have someone to laugh with when on the field” when playing with her sisters.

As the team prepares for its league season, which starts on March 15, the three feel extra driven to be successful this year and push each other to get better.

“We’re all kind of at the same level for the sport, so we can play with each other and fight for this,” Ella said.

Last year the team made CCS but lost in the first round to Half Moon Bay. Even with the loss of last year’s strong senior class, Sophie believes the team, which moved down to El Camino league, will find success.

“I think that the teams will be a nice fit to play,” Sophie said, “and with our team getting back into the game each practice and improving each day, we will have a really good shot this year to show how good of a team we really are.”

In the end, the Parrs are embracing the time they have to play together since Maxine and Sophie are graduating this year.

“My favorite part about getting to play with them is that they are other half,” Maxine said, “and [that] I am able to play my last season with them and share moments with them.”