Girls’ golf: Falcons defy their own expectations by making CCS, place 10th among 17 teams

November 20, 2019 — by Shama Gupta

The top six girls on the golf team placed 10th in CCS at Laguna Seca Golf Course in Monterey on Oct. 29. 

They played on an 18-hole course against 16 other schools (unlike the 9-hole competitions of the regular season). Although the team placed seventh at CCS in 2018, the Falcons said they are proud of their collective performance this year after the loss of then-captain and No. 1 key player Janelle Jin. 

When head coach Dave Gragnola informed the girls that they had made CCS, they were excited. In fact, the team had even stopped practicing, thinking their season was over. 

At CCS, No. 1 player Alice Lin said she was happy with her two birdies but wishes she had managed to score even lower. She finished with a score of 85. 

Other players on the starting six included sophomore No. 2 player Savannah Lin, junior No. 3 player Jane Loo, senior No. 4 player Sally Kim, senior No. 5 player Nikita Pawar and senior No. 6 playerMita Kongetira.  

Top finishers in CCS were Palo Alto, The Harker School and Valley Christian High School. 

“[Palo Alto High] was  one of the only teams that we couldn’t match in skill during the regular season,” Loo said. 

The team did not have any players qualify for CCS in individual play.