As usual, freshmen face learning curve for Homecoming week

September 25, 2018 — by Rahul Vadlakonda
Photo by Edwin Chen

Freshman girls perform on their quad day on Sept. 18.

Despite successful decorations, freshman class runs into skit problems.

The Class of 2022 finished its first Homecoming performance on Sept. 18, overcoming obstacles and taking the school on an adventure to Narnia.

Despite the traditionally low expectations for freshman decorations and Quad Day performances, the class nonetheless pulled through, impressing the audience by adjusting on the fly to a faulty sound system and singing their music sequence during the all-girls dance.

All-girls dance choreographer freshman Kaylie Wong said that the unexpected obstacle, though initially upsetting, quickly became a positive moment of the performance.

“[Although the music turned off] everyone kept dancing and started singing, which was mind blowing and made me forget all the bad thoughts,” she said.

Wong said she thought the main challenge of Homecoming was not inexperience, but rather the delay in choosing  freshman class officers.

During preparations for the girls’ dance, Wong said that setting practice times, choosing songs and ordering shirts for a large group proved to be a challenge.

“It was pretty hard organizing things and making sure things weren’t changed a few days before the performance,” she said.

Freshman class president Derek Hsu added that despite their inexperience with Homecoming, the freshman decorations exceeded initial expectations.

“Our decorations were even better than the sophomore class, according to some upperclassmen,” he said. “I am proud of everyone who helped.”

Although their decorations turned out successful, Hsu said that the preparation for the freshman skit was where they ran into problems.

“Monday night was officially our first time going through the entire performance and there were many mishaps,” he said. “Whether it was faulty music or missed cues, everyone was scrambling to prepare for the performance.”

Senior Anuj Changavi said that despite this being a new experience for freshmen, their skit made it seem otherwise.

“Considering they were freshmen, they did well,” he said. “It was their first time and they had a lot of dances compared to what we had freshman year.”