A traditional Sadies dance should be brought back

April 2, 2019 — by Sofia Jones

Although many students are focused on their own academics and do not show much traditional school spirit by cheering at sports events or attending rallies, they are often excited to attend major school dances such as Homecoming, Winter Formal or Prom.

But if you’re a freshman or a sophomore, you’re out of luck: There are no dances second semester for underclassmen.

One solution would be to bringing back some kind of Sadie Hawkins dance; it would give underclassmen something to look forward to during the second half of the school year, increasing school spirit.

The Sadies dance has not happened for the past few years, but it should be brought back in a traditional manner, with girls asking guys. A dance in the spring with elaborate askings and posters would increase student interest and attendance.

For many, the best part of Winter Formal is seeing other people’s askings, but since these aspects are not present in the Spring Fling dance, it tends to be the most forgotten school dance with the least attendance. If the Sadies dance was brought back as a more formal event, it could be much more successful than Spring Fling.

Many people may not want to go because of the cost, but if the formal aspect of asking were to be combined with cheaper tickets and a more casual dance, it would take the best aspects of both Formal and Spring Fling to create an exciting event.

Also, a Sadies dance would be fun and different than other school dances. Many guys complain that formal season is very stressful, because they risk rejection from any girl they ask, and making a poster requires a lot of time and effort. There is so much pressure to make a creative and beautiful poster, because asking groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow the entire school to judge the quality of the asking.

However, a Sadies Dance would give guys a break and offer girls a new perspective, allowing them to experience the struggle a lot of guys go through when coming up with askings for dances. For girls who want to take initiative but do not want to be judged by others for making the first move, a Sadies dance would also give them an opportunity to ask their dream person.

Bringing back a traditional Sadies dance would raise the school’s morale. When students are feeling burnt-out as the semester progresses, another dance can give them a chance to have fun and relax, even if only for a short amount of time.

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