Track: Smaller, younger team holds potential

February 13, 2018 — by Francesca Chu and Alexandra Li

Head Coach: Archie Ljepava

2016-2017 record: 1-7

2016-2017 recap: CCS — Jaijit Singh in 400 meter dash, made it to CCS trials

Key Additions: Freshman short distance runner Tyler Chaffin

Key Matchups: Homestead

Star Players: Senior distance runner Anirudh Rao, senior sprinter Jaijit Singh, senior distance runner Amit Nag, senior high jumper Riley Carter, sophomore distance runner Julia Hoffman and sophomore distance runner Kole Tippets

Key losses (2017 alumni): hurdler Eric Wang, sprinter Celine Bellegarda

League: El Camino division


“This year we definitely have more potential and a larger amount of people who are dedicated to improving both the team and themselves,” senior sprinter Jaijit Singh said.

However, since a majority of the team this year is underclassmen and has never competed at the high school track level, the coaches are being stricter on practice attendance.

In addition, according to Singh, the team is “focusing on conditioning because [they] have a lot of talent this year and the coaches are looking to improve upon that talent.”

According to senior long jumper Valerie Yang, this influx of new talent also means that the runners are working on building a strong team bond.

“Having a stronger team unity among all the members will help us develop determination, motivation and excitement for future competitions and this season in general which I think is really key,” Yang said.

Although there are a lot of new members this year, the overall team has gotten smaller.

“Since we have a lot less people than we have had in previous years, we are striving for people to try out events that they typically wouldn’t try out,” Yang said.

The team hopes to send more people to CCS this year, as the team has much potential.
“Everyone wants to become more of a team and do better in meets, like getting personal records,” senior distance runner Joshua Si said. “We just have to push each other to train harder.”

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