Top Ten Ways to Spook Your Friends This Halloween

October 23, 2017 — by Victor Liu and neil rao

List of the top ten ways to give your friends a spooky surprise on Halloween. 

10. Tell them that the Common App servers are down. It’s their fault for not turning in their application two months before the deadline

9. Hand out candy corn. Nothing says spooky like fluorescent artificial sugar triangles.

8. Don’t come to school at all. Will your friends think you got horribly sick? Or are you just ditching the AP Chem test?

7. Take your friends to In-N-Out. They’ll be quivering when they aren’t on Herriman by 12:40.

6. Buy your friends school lunch. The greatest thing to fear is the unknown.

5. Remind overzealous freshmen who intrude on college visits the reality: attending an info session will not increase their chances of getting into Harvard.  

4. Tell them their SAT score got canceled. Give them flashbacks to the AP test trauma.

3. Come to school looking like a literal zombie. It’ll be scary when they find out it’s not even Halloween yet.

2. Don’t do your hair or makeup. Now that would be a frightening sight.

1. Tape an AP Physics test to your face. Pre-curve. That 40 percent is sure to give them a heart attack.