Top Ten Ways to Spend your Summer

May 23, 2019 — by Jackson Green and Isaac Le

10) Take some SAT prep classes. What is this vacation of which you speak?

 9) Learn to cook. Start with Instant Ramen and work your way up to scrambled eggs.

 8) Watch Netflix. Come summer, they’ll have 97 new shows for us to binge.

 7) Try extreme sports. Start by doing your English essay that’s due tomorrow. You’ll feel that adrenaline rush.

 6) Visit colleges. Reject their rejection and start living there.

 5) Travel with family. It’s the same exact arguments you have at home, just without the home part.

 4) Travel without family. You’ll still be fighting for a window seat, only this time with complete strangers.

 3) Get a job. If you work at Happy Lemon, you get free boba. Right?

 2) Get your Driver’s License. It’s time to take that permit test. Or that driver’s education course if you’re really hardcore.

 1) Find a new hobby. Is Stanford recruiting any avid fishermen?