Top 10 worst texting slang

April 21, 2021 — by Shaan Sridhar and Shreya Rallabandi
texting slang
Graphic by Shreya Rallabandi

Stop sending these slang messages.


10. Aight. You aren’t Blueface. Calm down.

9. Ye. The most dry, coldhearted way of saying “yeah.” 

8. Ya dig? Not much construction nearby.

7. xD. Just look at it; this is ugly — cafeteria garlic bread ugly.

6. Cya. Definitely won’t be seeing you again.

5. :). Am I not good enough for two parentheses? 

4. Probs. Safe to say that you probably shouldn’t text this.

3. Fax no printer. The fax was enough.

2. Okie. With okay, kay, (m)mk, k, kk and the KKK (not ok), we don’t need to add this to the repertoire.

1. YFM. This just sucks, ya feel me?


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