Top 10: wordle openers

September 23, 2022 — by Arnav Swamy
Photo by Arnav Swamy
Try me.
Get better at Wordle with these 10 epic openers.
  1. Adieu

This is the word people start with to flex on their friends and act intelligent. It’s probably the first opener you’d tried that sounded strategic, only to realize it’s mid.

  1. Crane

3Blue1Brown, a YouTuber mathematician, accidentally thought that this was the best opener. It has a nice balance of vowels and common consonants. I can’t put my finger on it, but unfortunately, it sounds amateur.

  1. Later

This word contains the essential vowels and consonants, but its ordering is a bit niche. It works amazingly when it does work, though.

  1. Audio

A bit different from adieu, but it sounds less pretentious.

  1. Orate

According to a Google search, this word is a strong word to open with, but who actually uses this word? (Yes, I did research for this Top 10.)

  1. Salet

Apparently, this word means an Italian helmet from the 15th century. According to 3Blue1Brown’s revised algorithm, this is the best opener, but it sounds pretty stupid.

  1. Pious

I whimsically tried this word after reading about Euthyphro and Socrates for AP Lang. For whatever reason, I got the Wordle in two.

  1. Count

I’ve been using this word for a while now, and it somehow gets me the Wordle in three more than you might expect. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

  1. Arise

It has useful vowels and consonants in predictable locations. It’s a valiant and chivalrous contender for the best opener, but falters miserably to No. 1, which outshines it in every imaginable way.

  1. Raise

This is basically arise, but so much better. First off, not many words actually start with A. Secondly, the A as the second letter makes so much sense for so many words. Anyone who thinks arise is superior to raise is a primal and devolved Wordle novice.

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