Top 10 ways to procrastinate on college apps

September 27, 2017 — by Aaron Choi and Pranav Ahuja and Stephen Ding

10. See how much weight you can gain as a senior — the Freshman 15 is a thing of the past!

9. Join a Homecoming dance so you finally have an extracurricular to put on your Common App.

8. Learn a new language — Liki and Dumi are easy lingos to pick up!

7. Learn to graph through Naviance’s scatter plot.

6. Who needs college? Use your college funds to buy the iPhone X.

5. Or look up some Hypebeast streetwear. A shirt will cost just as much.

4. Spy on your crush (thanks Snap map!)

3. Write your parent statement because your own parents hate you.

2. Start purchasing your dream school merch. You’ll need it for firewood when you get rejected.

1. Dress as the College Board for Halloween — it's the scariest thing out there.


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