Top 10 ways to make new friends this school year

September 12, 2018 — by Ava Hooman
  1. Tell underclassmen you have a license. Instant friends.  

  2. Pretend that you enjoy listening to popular artists like Shawn Mendes. Fake it til’ you make it.

  3. Watch “To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved” on Netflix. It will guarantee you a conversation with almost anyone.

  4. Learn all the most used words around SHS. Ufts I midkey hate muxing clout diggers.

  5. Humiliate yourself into being the mascot during your grade’s Homecoming skit. At least people will notice you.

  6. Sign up for multiple clubs during club rush. There is no better place to make friends than during intense debates at Democracy Matters.

  7. Change your style into something more hip and modern. Urban Outfitters has free shipping on orders over $100.   

  8. Watch all the YouTubers your friends are currently watching. We love a social shister.

  9. Flash a pack of gum in one of your classes. You’ll be surprised at all the people interested to talk to you.

  10. Send your favorite memes to everyone on your contact list. Even if they don’t like you, no one can resist a funny meme.

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