Top 10 things to do during Ski Week

February 9, 2018 — by Patrick Li and Muthu Palaniappan


  1. Watch the Winter Olympics. At least it’s winter somewhere. —-

  2. Watch the NBA All-Star game. KD and Westbrook on the same team?!

  3. Visit a college. What’s more fun than walking around a school you only have a 6 percent chance of getting into?

  4. Go to Tahoe. Snow in 72 degree California weather is a yes.

  5. Fill out your Falcon Wheel for classes next year. 8 hours of sleep always!

  6. Stalk a celebrity’s Instagram. You can probably get through Kylie Jenner’s 5,000 posts in an hour.

  7. Eat all your leftover Valentines chocolates. We all know you had no Valentine to give it to.

  8. Go outside. It’s basically summer here anyway.  

  9. Apply for summer programs. And get inevitably rejected. Can’t wait to impress those college admissions officers.

  10. Go to the zoo to see a REAL black panther. No need to watch it in the theater.