Top 10: numbers

September 23, 2022 — by Nicole Lee
Photo by Nicole Lee
10 in numbers
The obviously right opinion on a highly debated topic.

10. Eight. Statistics say it’s one of the second most common numbers to roll on a pair of die, yet the lack of eights I roll during Catan games says otherwise.

9. Twenty-one. While playing blackjack, twenty-one never comes when I want it to. It’s almost as if it’s been avoiding me… 

8. Thirteen. After all the discrimination thirteen has been through — being excluded from hotel floor numbers, being feared as friday the 13th and more — thirteen deserves its pity spot on the list as NOT last, even if it’s most people’s unlucky number.

7. Twelve. A nice, round number. However, it’s still a hassle in unit conversions. Who in the world decided that 12 inches to a foot was a convenient conversion?

6. Seven. Here by popular vote — most people believe seven to be their lucky number.

5. Two. What’s the one and only even prime number? It’s even the smallest prime on the list.

4. Zero. What can you not like about zero? Undefined division makes it special, OK?

3. One. When doing arithmetic, what do you think is the number that people like to work with the most? That’s right, it’s one.

2. Ten. Not only is ten the first double-digit number, but it’s also one of the most iconic numbers — even this list is a Top 10! More importantly, my dog’s name (io) looks like the number 10.

1. Three. It’s aesthetic, it’s unique and it’s just better. There’s a reason we only count to three.