Top 10 comments voiced at the April 20 LGSUHSD board meeting on the Phase 4A reopening debate

May 1, 2021 — by Shreya Rallabandi and Harshini Velchamy
apr 20 board meeting
Photo by Shreya Rallabandi

Los Gatos High School psychology teacher Kevin Rogers demonstrates simulcasting to the LGSUHSD board at the April 20 meeting.

10. Student Noora Fayad: “Wednesdays are a day for us to gasp for air as we are drowning underwater right now.”

9. Student Shaan Sridhar: “Wednesdays are the day I use to recover from the academic stress at Saratoga that is continuously ignored by this same board.” 

8. Los Gatos parent Mike Roberts: “We wouldn’t have a school if we didn’t have parents buying homes in this beautiful community, and caring about the community, and the teachers and each and every student.”

7. Mike Roberts (again): “Oh my gosh, air has to be cleared — it just has to be cleared. First of all, we’re not a small majority; we’re a supermajority, I would say.” 

6. Los Gatos parent Carrie Benjamin: “I would love to tell my boss I need a mental health wellness day, but that’s not what happens in the world. I feel like we’re teaching our kids to be kind of lazy by giving them these days.”

5. Student Arshi Chawla “Listen to the people you are elected to serve, not the loudest parents in the room.”

4. Student John Wang: “We’re the ones being affected by this and they didn’t take any input from us? This is clearly being very poorly run. And now we’re supposed to voice our opinions and try to change what’s already being done.”

3. Los Gatos parent Michael McNelly: “The solution to the hectic problem of simulcasting for these teachers is to end the Zoom simulcasting and go back to school full time, regular style. We all know they can handle that.”

2. Los Gatos parent Nicole Ricci: “It’s extremely disappointing to see the board allow such hijacking of a meeting that's supposed to be a public forum and not a place to be hijacked by a group of people.”

1. carl (his actual Zoom name): “I hate to say this, but you know, kids went to school in-person more hours in occupied Poland than they did in California last year. That’s a fact.”

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