Top 10: annoying orchestra sections

September 11, 2022 — by Shannon Ma and Carolyn Wang
Photo by Leyna Chan
We’ll answer your question now: we left the violas unscathed. 

10. Double basses.

Problematically unproblematic.

9. Harp.

Source of the most ethereal sound on this planet.

8. Percussion.

The heartbeat of an orchestra. That steady underlying rhythm or extra sparkle you hear in symphonies? All thanks to the drums and timpani and cymbals.

7. Clarinets and Oboes.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Aren’t they just black tubes that look the same?

6. Violas and cellos.

a) No, we’re not joking about the violas. b) Their deep and rich sounds are inimitable. 

5. Brass.

Low farts, high farts and french farts. 

4. Violin 2.

Melody? Nonexistent in their vocabulary. But at least they’re more reliable than the Violin 1s.

3. Flutes & Piccolos.

Take the longest to tune and yet still play out of tune. Also, they might just break your eardrums. 

2. Violin 1.

(Rightfully) arrogant brats who think they’re soloists.

1. Ling Ling 40 hours.

TwoSet fans anyone?

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