From then to now: Class of 2017 to ‘glow up’ for Senior Prom

May 25, 2017 — by Stephen Ding and Elicia Ye

With more than 275 students set to attend Senior Prom and dozens of interactive exhibits at The Tech Museum of Innovation, the senior class officers are hoping for an event that tops last year's widely praised Junior Prom.

After taking into consideration feedback they received on Junior Prom last year, the senior class officers eventually decided on the Tech Museum as it offers a variety of other exhibits other than only a dance floor.

“It also offered an enormous space, which gave us the flexibility to bring in a lot of other things such as flipbooks and several dessert stations and a large dance floor,” senior class president Rachel Won said.

The dinner menu includes an antipasto display, spinach and artichoke dip, Swedish meatballs, macaroni and cheese, salads and satays, short rib sliders, tater tots, an ice cream sundae bar and a petite dessert display. As an attempt to offer a variety of options, the officers expanded the menu to include American comfort food and better vegetarian options, according to Won.

The officers hope to improve the experience for those who don't enjoy dancing as much with the interactive exhibits and a variety of photo options, according to Won.

“We set around engaging activities for students to explore the dozens of exhibits including a virtual reality exhibition, a wearable technology booth, a BioDesign Lab and much more,” senior class vice president Jessy Liu said.

The third floor will feature the making of a flipbook, available for three hours during the event, where students could take a five second video that will be converted into a flipbook for students to take home.

To advertise the event, the senior class officers made a promotional video on YouTube and created a website where attendees could discover more general information. They could find forms that they must turn in when purchasing tickets as well.

Similar to the asking competition for Winter Formal and Junior Prom, the best asking with the hashtag #saratogaseniorprom2017, as determined by the officers, will win two free tickets.

Bids were sold for $150 with ASB and $155 without ASB ($150/155) on the week of May 8, $155/$160 the next week and $160/$165 from May 22-26.

“There are several special things being planned for prom as surprise,” Won said. “Just two pieces of advice: Raise your glass and clean the lint off your shirts.”


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