The only Valentine I want is a Santa Cruz 5010cc XO1 RSV

April 18, 2022 — by Sina Salehi
Photo by Sina Salehi
me riding my bike
 Dates are temporary — biking is forever

While a lot of people are focused on finding a date for 2/14, I’m planning my day with my teal, industry blue Santa Cruz 5010cc XO1 RSV, with Maxxis DHR IIs on both wheels.

Here’s how my Valentine’s Day would play out:

I wake up and right next to me, is the cold carbon (CC grade, of course) of my Santa Cruz 5010 X01 with Carbon Reserve 32 wheels. The LED lights are red. The tires are muddy. Last evening’s ride was dirtier than I expected.

I shower my bike, using my biodegradable muc-off bike wash. I lather up my bike and rinse it off with my garden hose. Proper bonding requires that I spend absolutely every moment with my industry blue 2021 Santa Cruz 5010 CC XO1 RSV.

After washing up, I go on my first ride of the day, probably in Sanborn. I pump the tires. I lubricate the chain. I hop on the seat, and pedal for hours. Then, after a brief rest, I bike into the woods. 

The misty forest air creates a romantic atmosphere, as the giant branches bruise my bike. The dropper goes in and out of the seatpost, and the ride takes a turn for the worse as oil oozes out of the Rockshox reverb stealth 31.6x200mm retractable seatpost, meaning I can no longer continue my ride. I sadly wheel the bike back to my Local Bike Shop, only to find they are closed for Valentine’s Day. My bike is sent into cardiac arrest, as I realize I’ll never be able to pedal through the forest on my bike again. 

However, my side piece, a Fact2 Carbon Specialized Roubaix Sport equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset, is still up for a ride. A roadie may not be able to take on the rough mucc ahead, but it’ll keep me rolling until next Valentine’s Day.

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