The Crumbl Cookies Shop on Camden Avenue is my recent obsession

September 25, 2022 — by Meher Bhatnagar
The iconic pretty pink box which the cookies are served in
Sour Patch Kids, Caramel Popcorn and Raspberry Lemonade cookies– all unheard of until Crumbl’s opening just a few miles away from Saratoga.

Imagine taking a bite of the most perfectly moist but crunchy cookie that has just come freshly out of the oven. The new Crumbl Cookies shop on Camden Avenue provides customers with just that — the most dense, rich cookies to exist.

Originally, the cookie shop’s closest location was two hours out from the Bay Area, but by popular demand, a new location opened only 15 minutes away from the high school. 

Though some say it’s overrated, I truly think that the hype surrounding Crumbl is warranted. 

I mean, the marketing strategy? Genius. The weekly videos posted on their Instagram account about the odd flavor combinations that somehow always sound good? The insanely overpriced, yet strangely enticing bottles of “Crumbl water?” Pure genius. 

With only four flavors that rotate weekly and videos of their enormous cookies posted all over their website and Tiktok accounts, the business knows how to keep its customers engaged with the store. Because of the rotating flavors, customers return every time their favorite flavor is there because they know that it won’t be available a week later. If Crumbl were to keep all flavors in the store at all times, the hype surrounding the store would soon die out. 

Crumbl’s flavors range from standard options like chocolate chips, sprinkles and frosting all the way to custard, fresh fruits and Lucky Charms — things you would never find in a standard cookie.

After hearing many opposing reviews of the cookies, with some saying it was average and others who believed it was the most scrumptious thing they had ever put in their mouth, I decided to go there myself. 

When I arrived, the line stretched around the corner of the building with groups of people standing together, restlessly awaiting their freshly baked cookies. Having been there almost five times, I would like to consider myself an expert when it comes to judging Crumbl cookies. 

The first cookie I tried was their milk chocolate chip. Though it costs $5, the cookie is bigger than the size of my hand and super dense. When I took the first bite, the chocolate chips immediately melted in my mouth and the cookie’s brown sugar flavor complimented the cocoa very well. The freshly baked cookies were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside — absolutely perfect. 

My favorite flavors in no particular order are their famous milk chocolate chip (which is there every week), oatmeal rolo, raspberry lemonade and caramel popcorn. 

After my recent experience there, I can confirm that hype over Crumbl Cookies is not overrated.

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