Thanksgiving fundraiser to take place again

November 13, 2017 — by Howard Tang and Alex Wang

The day before Thanksgiving Break, students traditionally expect to find two teachers dressed as giant dinner birds walking around campus. These costumes are not for Halloween, nor are they our beloved mascots Freddie and Frannie Falcon — instead, they are teachers in turkey costumes, celebrating the national holiday of Thanksgiving.

Every year, the senior class has a turkey dress up fundraiser to raise money and to spread the holiday spirit. The week before, jars are available for students to drop off coins and bills. Each jar is labeled with a teacher that volunteers to dress up as a turkey. Following the coin drive, the money in each jar is counted up and compared. Then, the two teachers whose jars have the most money wear the costumes.

“It’s a competition, but in the end, it’s a fundraiser for the senior class with a reward for the students,” senior class president Robert Scott said.

Last year, the senior class raised $137, Scott said. Students were excited to see physics teacher Kirk Davis and Chinese teacher Sara Tseng in costumes.

Davis said wearing the outfit was fun, and it had a good cause, so he was happy to do it.

“I was extremely excited to be ‘chosen’ last year, but I do not subscribe to the rumors that I was the most ‘butterball’ like teacher,” Davis said. “The kids who had me last year got a kick out of seeing me make a fool of myself – but that happens with some regularity in the classroom anyway.”

Although he had fun with the experience last year, Davis is not considering doing it again this year.

“I will probably take money from my jar and put it in another teacher’s jar whom I would like to see in the outfit,” Davis said.


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