Teachers deserve more credit for academic success

December 13, 2019 — by Nicole Lu

“It’s really sad that almost no one knows one of the best teachers at Saratoga High,” a Toga Confessions post read. “Mrs. Shank is so incredibly sweet and genuine toward her students. She is not just a great teacher based on her personality and generosity but she is great at teaching! All her students love her so much and she is honestly one of the best teachers.”

Shank is one of many teachers in Saratoga High who have had a positive influence on their students. By the time you graduate from high school, around 24 teachers will have crossed your path. From your relative naivety as a freshman to your late nights as a junior and your tumultuous college application journey in senior year, they’ve been with you through everything.

They’re the ones who encourage and motivate you to reach your highest potential in academics and beyond. — everything from a stellar GPA to involvement in extracurriculars to encouraging the personal development of students.

Being in such a competitive, at times almost cutthroat, school environment such as at Saratoga High can overwhelm students at times; having a strong support system one sees daily is crucial for taking the stress off students’ backs.

Most don’t take into account the late hours teachers work perfecting the lesson they’ll teach eight hours later, but the effort they put into helping students and making school enjoyable is evident. By setting an example for students, this promotes a love for learning that translates into students obtaining results they can wholeheartedly be proud of. 

There is always the occasional teacher whose teachings don’t align with the general welfare of their students; however, there just aren’t enough bad apples, and these teachers all mean well even if it doesn’t always translate.

Teachers have their own lives to worry about, yet most of them try to make classes enjoyable and memorable. This love for education is everywhere at Saratoga High. From directors in the music program to members of the science department, one can see how much dedication goes into carefully curating curriculums.

Teachers are here not just as instructors of knowledge, but also as figures students can depend on for guidance. Their approachability and eagerness fosters a healthy relationship in which students can feel comfortable asking for help. 

For example, both former and current students flock to their favorite teachers’ classrooms at tutorial to talk about a variety of topics. Most teachers are happy to go over material or to just converse during tutorials or at other non-scheduled times. Many alumni come back from time to time to visit their teachers, which is a heartwarming moment for students to witness.

Stepping into a classroom knowing that there is someone you can depend on makes school so much more rewarding. At their end of their four-year journey, the connections students have made and the teachers they’ve met will help them succeed beyond the workplace.