Surveys matter in making crucial schoolwide decisions

May 16, 2017 — by Rahul Vadlakonda

Surveys prove very useful for faculty members to make crucial decisions that are benefical to everyone.

Surveys crowded my Facebook feed as I scrolled through it while procrastinating on my homework on a recent night. 

Searching for Golden State Warriors game highlights, I instead kept stumbling on surveys upon surveys, for either the Falcon or for someone’s college research paper.

The number of surveys I see can be overwhelming. As annoying as they can be, however, they are an essential tool in making good decisions and should be used by the school more often.

The administration has already proven the usefulness of surveys among students through its survey on the homework load of different courses in January. The survey helped students gain an understanding of class time commitments and make more informed decisions when selecting courses for their schedule for the next school year.

Faculty members could use surveys to have students make choices in a wide variety of situations. For example, teachers could survey students on how busy they are on certain weeks in order to determine when a unit test should take place.

In a broader view, student surveys should also be issued before school officials make  decisions on issues that directly affect students, such as schedule changes.

During the process of making and choosing the new schedule two years ago, students were barely surveyed, even though several students made a petition on which garnered more than 800 signatures. The sheer scope of attention that the petition garnered should have given the board reason to issue surveys and get more opinions about their actions throughout the process. Through this implementation into our system, more people would be satisfied with the outcomes of certain controversial decisions.

In addition to deciding the mere times the school will function, looking from a more direct perspective, before holding events such as Club Rush, Powderpuff Finals and regular club fundraisers, leaders of these events would do well to see what students would like to buy.

As a result, there would be a potential increase in the sales for clubs. Another situation would be the types of events in rallies, which would then also benefit the events by increasing the number of attendees.

In order to ensure that important surveys represent a majority of students, a small portion of class time should be allotted for students to take short surveys on their phones or  school computers. As more surveys are used within the school, not only will they garner more student attendance to events, but also cater more toward students’ preferences.


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