Students should have chance to take home economics course

March 1, 2018 — by Pranav Ahuja

Since age 7, it has always been my dream to learn how to cook. As time progressed, my dream became a necessity — I am now at the point where I’m currently about to head off to college, not knowing how to make anything more than a bowl of cereal. There seems to be a pretty clear solution to my problem: a home economic class.

I’m sure that both I, and many of my friends, would sign up for a home economics class in a heartbeat if given the opportunity, especially as seniors that are heading off to college or elsewhere. Even though academic subjects are crucial, being able to function around the house, especially when alone without any help, is an invaluable life skill that should receive more attention, even in an academic schooling environment.

What’s the best way for students here to take an home ec class? Since the school hasn’t offered one for decades and lacks facilities such as stoves, it would make sense to allow students to travel across the district toLos Gatos High School, where a thriving home ec program has been in place for years. The ideal period would 1, 2, 6 or 7 since those are at the beginning and end of the day and now align with the unified block schedule between the schools.

The courses currently offered by LG include an emphasis on cooking and fashion, with courses such as  International Cuisine and Hospitality 1 and 2. These will effectively remove the inevitable fear that everyone faces at some point in time when they leave their family’s house to live on their own.

Without a home ec class at school, students are forced to take extra time out of their day to learn simple and necessary life skills, and usually have to pay extra for classes or sit through boring lectures with parents in order to learn how to make dishes like an omelette.

Conversely, if students could take these LG courses, it would be beneficial for not only students, but for households and families as well. For example, if students knew how to cook and clean, it would make life much easier for their parents back at home, as they now have less work to do in order to take care of their child. Additionally, learning how to cook could lead to a healthier lifestyle, as instead of relying on fast food places such as McDonald’s or Jack in the Box for lunch, students could cook their own meals at home in order to eat more nutritiously and save money.

Even though it would involve some scheduling innovation, the school should adopt a home ec offering in some form or another, as it would help make the transition into being an independent adult easier.

Until then, Howcast is my best friend.