Students participate in science fairs, receive recognition

April 29, 2019 — by Jeffrey Ma

Three SHS students won awards for their research presented at the 2019 Synopsys Championship Fair: sophomore Arvind Ramachandran and freshmen Aeshon Balasubramanian and Ethan Zuo. The fair was on March 14 in the San Jose Convention Center and showcased the scientific achievements and projects of Santa Clara County middle and high school students.

Ramachandran’s project “Saferetro: A Secure for 8080 apps” received the Intel IEC Certificate of Achievement and the Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award, Balasubramanian received a System Safety Society Certificate of Achievement and Category Honorable Mention for his work on “Improving the Safety of Self-driving Cars with Deep Learning and Audio” and Zuo won the Second Place Award for the physical science and engineering category for his research into the effects of thermal transfer rates on laptop performance.

“Given that I was under a lot of time pressure and given the result, I was really satisfied,” Zuo said. “Next year, I will try to hit first place.”

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