Stress Profiles

January 22, 2011 — by Jennifer Jin

Todd Nguyen:

-Hours of Homework per day: 2

-Number of Tests per week: 3

-Extra Curriculars: Robotics club, swimming, band

-Number of Classes: 6

-Stress Scale (1-10): 6

-Stressful events: Kucer Chem Tests

-Hours of sleep: 6-7

-Goal for the school: get straight A’s

-Quotes: “I would say that the most stressful event would be taking Mr. Kucer’s chemistry tests. Also, I have band, swimming…and more band. ”

Karen Sung:

-Hours of Homework per day: 3-4

-Number of Tests per week: 3

-Extra Curriculars: Piano and Tennis

-Number of Classes: 6

-Stress Scale (1-10): 5

-Stressful events: Tests

-Hours of sleep: 6-7

-Goal for the future: get to a good college

-Quotes: “Although I’m only in my freshman year, I feel pretty stressed already because of all the pressure that is put on me.”

Brandon Pierce:

-Hours of Homework per day: 1-1/2

-Number of Tests per week: depends, some weeks none, some weeks has math, physics, etc

-Extra Curriculars: Rally commisioner, school and club volleyball, youth band at church, link crew, choir

-Number of Classes: 5

-Stressful events: choir concerts, making sure that he’s not sick then

-Stress Scale (1-10): 8

-Hours of sleep: 5-6

-Goal for the future: make it big in music industry

-Quotes: “One of my dreams is to make it big in music. That’s something I definitely want to take on, and [what I do] in my few spare minutes that I have when I’m not doing something else.”

Maggie Sun:

-Hours of Homework per day: 1-2 hours if there aren’t any distractions, 4-5 hours with the computer open

-Number of Tests per week: 4 or 5 tests/quizzes

-Extra Curriculars: dance, guard, ASB

-Number of Classes: 7

-Stress Scale (1-10): 8

-Stressful events: schedule conflicts, multiple tests on the same day, last minute projects

-Hours of sleep: 7-8

-Goal for the future: go to a good college

-Quotes: “I think stress is just the feeling of not being able to deal with everything at once and not having enough time.”

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