Sophomore finds passion in vlogging

February 8, 2018 — by Shreya Katkere

Most people simply live their lives neglecting to document every memorable moment. Sophomore Chase Satterfield does quite the opposite — he makes “vlogs,” or “video blogs,”  on the popular video-sharing website, YouTube.

Satterfield has been creating YouTube videos for about a year, gaining over 430 followers and counting combined on both his gaming channel and his vlog channel.

Originally, Satterfield’s first channel revolved around gaming, focusing on him and his friends playing various online video games like Call of Duty and Clash of Clans.

Recently, Satterfield has gotten into vlogging, whipping out his camera anytime he feels he wants to catch a moment on film. He started vlogging because he wanted to share more about himself to his viewers than he had previously with his gaming channel.

Satterfield has always been a huge fan of vlogging even before it became popular, and aspires to create content similar to that of YouTuber Marcus Butler, who currently has over 4.5 million subscribers.

“Butler is especially my favorite because his vlogs are extremely funny and they are mainly geared toward his daily life,” Satterfield said. “His vlogs are where I got the inspiration to start my own channel.”

Satterfield’s vlog channel currently has 30 subscribers since he just created it a couple of months ago. Over the next few months, he is hoping to the gain a bigger follower count.

As a vlogger, Satterfield addresses viewers to make them feel like they are there with him as he is experiencing his life. At first, he said vlogging in public was a little awkward because he was stared at and given weird looks by people. However, after doing it many times, he does not feel embarrassed anymore.

“I wanted to start vlogging because filming is a passion of mine and I wanted to show off my work and personality to the world,” Satterfield said.

Some common types of vlogs are pranks and comedy, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Satterfield chose to gear his vlogs toward his lifestyle because he feels like he has more of a connection with his viewers when he shares things that have happened in his own life.

“My vlog is mainly about interesting things which happen in my life such as traveling to different places, participating in fun activities with my friends, and trying new and exciting things,” Satterfield said. “I make videos based on what my viewers request in the comments section.”

Satterfield is still unsure if he wants to pursue vlogging as a career like many internet influencers attempt to achieve, due to his curiosity in other career choices and the overall riskiness of pursuing YouTube as a job.

He thinks he will continue to take part in it as a passion whenever he has time after school and on the weekends to spend the hours necessary to film, edit and upload videos consistently on his channel.

“I enjoy my new vlogging channel more than my gaming channel because I get to express myself as a person and incorporate more of my personality into my videos,” Satterfield said.


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