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November 7, 2021 — by Sam Bai
Photo by Andrew Lin

By continuously procrastinating on my homework assignments, I was able to try out the different games The Falcon staff has reviewed recently. 

  1. BTD6: “Bloons Tower Defense 6” is the raddest of games. You can buy this game for only ten dollars (or $1 on sale) and easily rack up hundreds of hours on it. There are nearly infinite possible combinations and strategies you can use to win, and the active mod community allows for even more combinations of towers for you to place down.
  2. Valorant: This fast-paced minimalistic “Counter-Strike-esque” game is great with friends. There are two teams of five players, with each player choosing an agent that has unique abilities. If you think the regular game, which demands 13 rounds to win, is too slow, hop into spike rush to have all of your abilities up for an even quicker, first to four wins gamemode. 
  3. Starcraft: This extremely mentally and physically challenging clicking game doesn’t require you to click heads with a 0.001 ms reaction time. Instead, you sit back and build units in order to out-position your enemy. Watching the world’s top player will show you what it looks like to have  six hands and two brains.
  4. Clash of Clans: This 9-year-old game that you probably played once but then never touched again is still extremely fun. It is a slow base building game that allows you to train troops in order to attack other players from around the world.
  5. Mafia Mystery: What better team building exercise is there other than putting friends against friends and having them kill each other? In “Mafia Mystery”, you can sneak into your friend’s house and try to kill them, only for them to actually kill you because they were the sheriff. 
  6. Clash Royale: You will use the same deck over and over again to try and climb the ladder, a ranking system, in order to have more bragging rights against your friends. When you lose, your opponent, an immature 12 year old, will spam emotes constantly.
  7. Brawl Stars: This game lacks excitement. It’s too slow for people who like fast paced games and too bland for casual players. There isn’t enough tension and you know exactly who’ll win in the first few seconds because of the bad matchmaking.
  8. League of Legends: This game is so unbalanced that there is an update every other week. Every game is the same: You farm minions, tickle the enemy, get killed and repeat. The community is so toxic that public chat had to be removed. Everyone, even “League of Legends” fans, will agree that “League of Legends” is a trash game.
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