SHS to host first DUI trial

March 2, 2009 — by Vijay Menon and Karthik Sreedhara

The school will be hosting a real DUI trial with a convicted criminal for the first time at the McAfee Center on Mar. 13.

According to events commissioner sophomore David Mandell, the trial will be almost identical to those that occur in regular courthouses.

“Everything that happens in a normal courtroom will happen,” Mandell. “It will just take place in a different setting.”

The lawyers defending the accused will be present along with a judge and bailiff. A select group of students from government and health classes in addition to other teachers who wish to join will compose the mock jury that will preside over the trial.

Although the jury will be allowed to consult with the judge, the judge alone will make the final verdict in the case.

All student jury members were hand selected by the commission only after being screened through an interview process according to Mandell.

The trial will be not be open to the public. The estimate for the number of people attending is 250, but the commission hopes for an even greater turnout. The trial will start at 8 and will last until noon.

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