Senior lot tradition ought to be respected

February 8, 2018 — by Roland Shen

With the administration’s opening of one part of the staff parking lot to students to open more spaces, the issues regarding the juniors and sophomores consistently parking in the senior lot comes back into the spotlight.

This year, the area that has been traditionally seen as the senior parking lot, which is also perhaps the most convenient spot, is noticeably being inhabited by juniors and even sophomores — this year more heavily than in past years. Even the front rows of the lot are being taken over by non-seniors, sparking much outrage from the Class of 2018.

By the school rules, students, regardless of age, are allowed to park in any student space. So technically, sophomores and juniors can park in the “senior” lot. The issue resides in the traditions and respect regarding the lot.

Most juniors in the past respected the tradition and instead opted to park in the farther junior lot on a daily basis. Students took the long walk from the junior lot to classes, waking up earlier to ensure they wouldn’t be tardy.

This year, with sophomores and juniors disregarding this tradition, many seniors feel cheated out of their previous dedication to the unspoken rule. On many days, dozens of seniors can be found parking in the junior lot, strolling behind non-seniors to class from the parking spaces that should have been theirs.

The senior lot is a reward earned by going through all the intricacies of freshman, sophomore and junior years.

Students would find it beneficial if the administration proceeded to make the designation of parking spaces to students of different grade levels an official rule. This would reduce conflict among grade levels and add some hierarchy to the currently chaotic parking lot.

Eventually, every student will enter their senior year, and it’ll be then that they’ll be able to enjoy the same privileges that the current seniors (should) have now. Hopefully, some regulatory changes will even be added to award seniors with that prized lot. But before that, just adhere to the traditions that the others have respected over the school’s history … senior year will come sooner than you think.


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