Senior finds hobby in vlogging

September 10, 2018 — by Patrick Li & Muthu Palaniappan

Senior starts a unique  youtube vlogging channel. 

Starting in mid-July, senior Enzo Coglitore began a routine that he has carried into the school year: He wakes up at 5:30 a.m., picks up his Canon G7x and starts filming for his YouTube audience of over 290 subscribers.

After editing, this video will later become one of Coglitore’s weekly  vlogs, where he takes the audience along on a ride through his daily routines. Currently, Coglitore has 20 videos uploaded to his channel.

Coglitore started his channel after purchasing his camera in the beginning of summer. Despite being initially hesitant about putting himself online, Coglitore started vlogging because he knew he would have fun at it.

“My goals for the vlog channel is to grow my platform, to hopefully have influence and to make a difference,” Coglitore said.

Coglitore is now posting videos around twice a week after school started, but he posted daily over the summer. Some of Coglitore’s past videos detail his summer job at Mind Pump Media, an online fitness podcast, and his health transformation. He documents how he lost weight through a strict dieting and exercising plan.

While Coglitore watches other popular vloggers such as Casey Neistat and Emma Chamberlain, he still maintains his own unique vlogging style.

Coglitore’s videos, which each take around 1.5 hours of prep and editing time, range from 5 to 10 minutes long. Coglitore knows how to entertain his viewers, whether it be with a sped up clip of him cooking breakfast or a clip of him singing along to the radio on his car ride to school. He learned a lot of his editing techniques from being a part of the Media Arts Program, and his videos have high-quality transitions and show a lot of effort.  

During school days, Coglitore’s vlogs are filled with clips of classroom work and conversations between him and his friends. All of his videos tend to be light-hearted.  

At the same time, Coglitore is still candid in his videos. He talks about struggles that other students and audience members can relate to. For instance, in a recent video, Coglitore detailed the stresses of being a senior.

In a video titled “We NEED To Talk… (Senior Stress),” Coglitore said, “Making YouTube is hard… but I do enjoy doing this, so I am going to make sure I am bringing you the best content that I can.”

Each vlog gets around 200 or 300 views within a week of its posting. Since Coglitore advertises his channel via his other social media accounts, many students have been introduced to his YouTube account.

One of Coglitore’s avid fans, senior Andrew Gao, said he enjoys Coglitore’s videos because they are unique.

“I think Coglitore differentiates himself from other vloggers because he is a high school student, and there are not a lot of high school vloggers,” Gao said.

Coglitore cannot see himself giving up vlogging anytime soon and has big dreams for this new hobby.

“As I make videos, I see myself slowly becoming more and more confident with my skills,” Coglitore said. “I love the feeling.”