School uses emails to spread awareness about job opportunities

November 27, 2018 — by Selena Liu

Guidance secretary Sarah Christeson has recently tried to spread awareness to students about job opportunities through email announcements. In September and October, Christeson sent out emails detailing part-time job opportunities at Banana Republic, AMC Saratoga 14 and Queen’s Pumpkin Patch.

According to Christeson, anybody looking for a job can view a list of options underneath the Job Opportunities tab in Guidance on the school’s website. Christeson’s emails detailed just a few jobs on the school website that were available in the upcoming months.

“[My emails] were meant to be informational — only notifying students of some job opportunities in the area,” Christeson said.

She said job opportunities on the website include organizations that have reached out to the school. Students applying for positions must complete filing a work permit in the office before applying for any jobs.

These announcements sparked interest among a few students.

Sophomore Sarah Wang, for instance, applied for the position at Queen’s Pumpkin Patch after seeing Christeson’s announcement.

“I wasn’t looking for a job, but when she sent out the email it looked too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Wang said. “It seemed like a really fun job, with a bunch of different things to help out with while at the same time being able to work and connect with kids.”

While Wang appreciates the email announcement, she wishes the school would make these opportunities more accessible and widely known. Similarly, freshman Kathan Reddy, who applied for a job at AMC 14 after seeing Christeson’s email, said that the school could better notify students of events and opportunities using both online and offline methods.

“The school could implement a physical way of [notifying students of possible jobs] rather than just emails, like with flyers, papers and announcements,” Reddy said. “A lot of the ways the school announces things are through stuff like Facebook, which I don't always see.”



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