School should invest into more powerful bathroom hand dryers

May 26, 2017 — by Pranav Ahuja

The time was 12:38 and I had 2 minutes left to get to physics, a class in which I had already racked up innumerable tardies. After coming back from a messy lunch at Chipotle where half of the salsa from my burrito had leaked across my hands, I knew I would have to make a quick stop at the bathroom before rushing to class.

Unfortunately, I forgot to account for the bane of my existence: the school’s ultra weak bathroom hand dryers.

As I finished washing my hands, I wasn’t sure whether to quickly wipe them off my newly bought J.Crew shorts or to just take the tardy and go with the hand dryer. I knew I wasn’t going to charm my way out of a tardy with red tomato tainted shorts, so I chose the dryer.

In the end, I singlehandedly blame those hand dryers for getting me to physics at 12:41. No, I don’t blame myself for reaching school late, or the long line at Chipotle — just the hand dryers.

If you ever feel you’re slow, or want to feel better about your mile time, just remember the hand dryers are slower..