School asks Confessions page to adopt new name and logo

October 28, 2019 — by Tiffany Wang

On Sept. 30, avid fans of the Facebook page formerly known as “shsconfessions” realized that the page had been taken down. Many were confused as to why it was gone while others worried that it would be gone forever.

The page, with over 200 followers and 3,600 posts, had a logo of a poorly drawing rendition of a falcon, similar to the Atlanta Falcons (and the school’s) logo. 

Earlier that week, there was a Facebook post circulating around where someone said “Due to academic and social reasons, I will be passing away. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.”

It was clear to the moderators of the page and many of the people who viewed the post that is was a joke because that phrase was used as a joke on Twitter. However, a few people were concerned it was real and notified the school’s administrative team (principal Greg Louie and assistant principals Kerry Mohnike, Brian Safine and Matt Torrens). 

The moderators were brought into the office and had a discussion with administrators. When the administration realized that the Facebook page was using the school’s logo and name without consent, they told the moderators to “cease and desist” using the page because they didn’t want the school to be liable in case something bad happens. 

According to Louie, if the page uses the school’s logo or name, it sends the wrong message that it is moderated by staff or approved by the school itself.

“It’s not something that I want to represent the school unless [the school] is directly affiliated with it,” Louie said.

He asked the moderators to shut down the page, but suggested they could relaunch it if the moderators worked with CASSY, an administrator or a staff adviser.

The moderators decided they didn’t want to shut down the page. Instead, they decided they rebrand it,  as “toga confessions” and change its logo so it will not be linked to the school. It was back up Oct. 2.

“I think we declined because accepting the offer would defeat the purpose of the page,” said one of the moderators, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Also, working with the administration would deter people from posting on the page.”

The original purpose of the page was to create an anonymous environment where people could say things they otherwise couldn’t when they were in the presence of a staff member. 

“We had a discussion and came to an agreement on how we should change the guidelines on how we post, to not have something bad happen,” one of the moderators said. 

Now two of the moderators will review every confession before it is posted, they said. They want to make sure there is no hate speech or anything that could lead to harm for students. 

“We are working more carefully and closely together to make the page better and more beneficial for everyone,” the moderator said.