Restrooms remodeled after Leadership class, administration act on complaints

September 25, 2018 — by Nitya Marimuthu and Jun Lee

Improvents to student restrooms arrive after many complaints

After numerous complaints over the years, the Leadership class and administrators worked to have dividers installed between urinals the boys’ bathrooms over the summer.  They have also arranged to soon have full-length mirrors put in the bathrooms in the gym lobby, where they will be used for dances and other events.

Following these initial improvements, Leadership is working on having dispensers for feminine products put in girls’ bathrooms as well as upgrading the hand dryers in all bathrooms.

According to a survey conducted last spring by ASB and Leadership,  many boys noted a lack of privacy between urinals, while girls complained about faulty hand dryers as well as a lack of full-length mirrors and feminine product dispensers.  

Activities director Matt Torrens said that installing the mirrors in the bathrooms by the gym has taken slightly more time than the urinal dividers, in part due to the “high standards” set by the administration when installing new devices in a school-setting.

“The students couldn't just go to Target and put in $25 mirrors into school bathrooms; they have to be shatterproof and have steel around the sides,” Torrens said.

The installation of the bathroom dividers received quick approval due to their cheaper nature, while the rest of the devices require additional planning and budgeting in order to meet the public school standards.

The final installation of the mirrors has been delayed several times as the construction team failed to show up to discuss plans. Delays are also due to the higher price than expected — almost $500 per a mirror. Initially, Leadership planned on installing full-length mirrors in all of the bathrooms; however, due to the high prices, they have opted to add mirrors to only two bathrooms for now.

Many students, however, are already thankful for the initial changes.

Said Junior Alex Pan: “Before the dividers were added, the urinals were a very awkward place for everyone and just made going to the restroom a hassle. With the new dividers, the bathroom feels a lot more safe and comfortable and offers the privacy that people may want.”