Post Malone’s ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ another hit album

October 4, 2019 — by Kevin Sze

Over bouncy beats, melodic choruses and fast flows, American rapper, singer and rockstar Post Malone released his highly anticipated third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” on Sept. 6. 

Malone rocketed to fame after his 2015 hit “White Iverson,” a rapper-crooner jam that peaked at 14th on the Billboard Hot 100. After this initial success, Malone released albums “Stoney” in 2016 and “Beerbongs & Bentleys” in 2018, both of which have gone triple platinum. 

Malone’s “Hollywood Bleeding” has 17 songs and lasts roughly 51 minutes. Featured artists include phenom North Carolina rapper Dababy, trap star Future and Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill among many others.

I’ve picked out my top five songs in the album, but if you have an hour to spare and are a pop, rap or rock fan, I would recommend that you give the whole album a listen. 


1. “Enemies”: Malone joins forces with rising star Dababy to discuss the struggles of mainstream fame. Malone points out how money has changed many of his so-called “friends,” and Dababy sends a warning shot to his enemies. The bouncy beat combined with Malone’s melodies and Dababy’s fast flow creates an absolute masterpiece. Undoubtedly, a must-listen. 

2. “Circles”: Malone continues the heartbreak theme in this single, talking about his struggles of maintaining a strong relationship with his significant other. In classic Post Malone fashion, the song is backed by acoustic guitars, swirling percussions and beautiful melodies. As Malone put it himself when he was on a Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, “Circles” is a “fat groove.”

3. “Take What You Want”: Perhaps one of the more surprising features, Malone teams up with iconic Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Houston-native rapper Travis Scott to discuss their relationships with women who have broken their hearts. Diehard Malone fans know that he’s always expressed his fondness for heavy metal. The beauty of this song is that it bridges the gap between generations and interests. Everyone can jam out to this song, because as the millenials say, it’s a “banger.”

4. “Goodbyes”: It’s the second single off of his album and the first collaboration between Malone and trap star Young Thug. Malone sings about his troubles with a girl and his desire to remove her from his life. On the other hand, Thug focuses on reconnecting with a girl. It’s an absolute vibe, and Thug’s verse adds a new flavor to Malone’s songs. The collaboration is a success, creating a song to sing along to with friends in the car. 

5. “On the Road”: is a defiant anthem boasting the work ethic of three of rap’s hottest artists: Malone, Meek Mill and Lil Baby. As usual, Malone’s chorus is stupefyingly catchy, and Mill and Lil Baby add quality guest verses that make the listener feel hyped to the point where  they could run through a wall.

Malone’s album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” was a success. Malone flaunts his ability to create stunningly melodic choruses, and the features don’t disappoint. Definitely worth a listen. 


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