Please let me go back on Canvas quizzes

November 4, 2020 — by Shreya Rallabandi
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Photo by Joann Zhang

Are Canvas quizzes really the seemingly perfect solution to counter the absence of in-person tests? Nope. Definitely the opposite.

These quizzes are truly the bane of my existence. Not only are they a key reason for my bad math grade, but now, instead of just overthinking a couple problems, my mind is riddled with distracting questions: “Did I do the notation correctly? Did I make a typo?” I end up overthinking literally every. Single. Part. Of. The. Test.

Yet some teachers just have to take it even more over the edge by disabling returning to previous questions, throwing me into the world of oblivion and uncertainty. What will I face next? A simple equation to solve? A quick problem matching definition to term? A dense, complex problem asking me to calculate the bearing of a ship 145 miles from a starting port, complete with parts a-f? With no way for me to manage my time on top of the already unmanageable short answer system, Canvas quizzes are a perfect recipe for disaster.

Teachers, please have mercy on your pupils and change the settings on Canvas quizzes to let us visit previous questions. Clicking a checkbox really isn’t that hard.