Park to be built in front of pool

October 23, 2017 — by Allen Chen and Emilie Zhou

Construction of a small park in front of the swimming pool will begin in early November and is estimated to take around three weeks to complete, said plant operations supervisor Brian Moran.

The park will cost around $15,000 to build. ASB is contributing to the cost, and some money from the maintenance budget may also be used, Moran said.

The park is to be built on a relatively large area located between the pool and the front parking lot. It will be to the right of the steps that lead people from the front of the school to the entrance of the pool, where there is currently dead grass and dirt.

Junior Eric Lei, who swims with the club swimming team De Anza Cupertino Aquatics, likes the idea. Not only will it improve the look of the campus to visitors, but the new landscaping will also provide students a place to sit as they wait to get picked up, Lei said.

“As a competitive swimmer, I’ve been coming to the pool ever since and walk passed the grass almost every day,” Lei said. “Throughout the years, I've seen the grass wither away from the drought. Although it’s recovering slowly, it's hasn't been the same.”

According to Moran, the park will be reminiscent of Hyde Park, the small area with tables and benches behind the library. The new park will be built by a combination of the school maintenance team, outside contractors and volunteers from Menlo Church across the road.

[Menlo Church] has reached out to us and is looking to assist us with projects,” Moran said. “They’ve helped us out with another small landscape project in the back where the science building is, so they may get involved in this and help us out on a weekend.”

By adding new tables, benches, umbrellas and a concrete pathway, the school hopes to be able to turn the area into a space students can eventually use. Plants and a few trees might also be added to improve the overall look of the area, Moran said.

Right now, it’s just a flat piece of dirt with weeds,” Moran said. “It doesn’t look good, doesn’t really serve the students in any way, so we just want to beautify that area.”