No thanks mama, I’d rather have Obama

November 18, 2008 — by Mabel Hsu

Close proximity to Russia is not foreign policy experience. Being a self-proclaimed hockey mom in constant touch with Joe Plumber does not make one suitable to assist any presidential candidate in leading the United States of America. And insulting your opponent over and over again doesn’t make you look any better in the eyes of the American public.

The controlled media (thank you, Fox News and that arrogant Bill O’Reilly), the obsession with nationalism (they call it patriotism now), the increase in national security (“bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran”) and combining religion and politics (calling the Iraq war part of “God’s” plan) bring us back to my one question: How is it possible that the McCain-Palin ticket is at all viable? Voting for the McCain-Palin ticket almost sounds like a vote for fascism.

Sarah Palin makes people think that any person, any Average Joe, can be president. I have news for you: Not everyone can be president. In fact, I don’t trust the majority of people with such a responsibility, and obviously America doesn’t either, hence the electorate.

Then there’s the actual presidential nominee. There was a point in time that John McCain was actually a maverick. Democrats liked this “Republican” who fought for what he truly believed in, regardless of his party’s platform. Eight years changes a man, specifically McCain. I weep for McCain. It’s always sad to see a man turning into what he so valiantly fought against just years ago.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, is a reputable senator with a viable vice presidential candidate who has extensive background in foreign affairs. Compare him to a war hawk that attempts to get within the good graces of his own Republican party, while tarnishing all previous ideals. Add on his vice presidential candidate, a “pitbull in lipstick” and it’s the cliché recipe for failure. Sorry America, but Palin’s good looks and hockey-mom status will not be enough to help McCain’s hefty to-do list of restoring economy, fixing the war in Iraq and stopping global warming.

The cost of in-state college tuition is now 35 percent more than it was five years ago. Health care costs have risen four times faster than wages over the past six years. Obama wants to cut taxes for the middle class rather than for the wealthy. Though his plan would not guarantee universal coverage and the cost is uncertain, it is certainly much sounder than McCain’s. Under McCain’s plans, fewer Americans would be covered by health insurance since he wants to eliminate the tax deduction employers receive for providing it. By eliminating this deduction, it would be much more expensive to insure workers.

Considering how close the polls are as the election gets nearer, Saturday Night Live mockeries of how inadequate the Republicans are no longer humorous. The truth is that their portrayals are becoming a frightening reality. The election process is about getting the best person for the presidential job (the last eight years notwithstanding), and at such a crucial time in our lives, we can’t afford to mess up again.

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