Newly graduated alumni provide useful tips for current seniors

January 29, 2017 — by Pranav Ahuja

A Q&A on how second semester seniors should feel and what they should be doing in these last few months of high school. 

As seniors embark on their final semester as high schoolers, free of college applications, they often have more free time than they’ve had in years. Many find themselves with an open schedule dedicated to guilt-free afternoon naps and spontaneous weekday hangouts.

However, these last four months of high school also present a challenge: How do seniors balance relaxation with obligations? To provide some guidance to current seniors, SHS class of 2016 alumni Kevin Duong-Le, Anant Rajeev, Luke Salin and Supriya Singh share experiences and advice from their last months of high school.


Q: How should second semester seniors try to stay motivated and busy?


Supriya Singh (Drexel University):  “If you’re a kid from the Bay who spent your whole life working toward these apps, now that they’re all submitted, you may feel a little empty. That’s normal, and try to keep yourself busy to combat that feeling. A job helps you learn money management, and it occupies your time, so you don’t get so bored with all that free time you have. I remember second-semester senior year, I felt kind of lost because I didn’t feel like I had anything to aim for after submitting all of my apps. My job gave me a responsibility that I didn’t mind having, and it kept me busy in a healthy way.”


Kevin Duong-Le (Loyola Marymount Univeristy): “Feeling senioritis is definitely fine, but don’t let it take over too much because it’s not worth risking colleges rescinding you if you slip too low.


Q: How should second semester seniors take time to relax?


Anant Rajeev (University of Washington): “Do random things — things you wouldn't really think of doing at any other point in high school. This is the semester of lasts; take it all in and enjoy spending time with your friends and doing everything you possibly can. The moment you get your diploma, you should always look back and think about how you didn't let any chances slip away. As a final piece of advice: Have fun, enjoy yourself and do not waste a second of your time stressing. Focus on the process, not the outcome.”


Luke Salin (New York University): “Try to not think about the future ‘cause you’ll never be at this point again in your life. Appreciate being a kid. Don't rush to be an adult right now; college will make you do that. There is such a good balance of freedom, comfort and safety during this second semester and summer. You'll miss this time more than anything.”


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