New Starbucks drink should be left in a fairytale

April 28, 2017 — by Pranav Ahuja

“Dude we needa try it pleaseee. All my friends say it’s amazing … OK, well, my Dad said it was pretty yummy,” junior Akhil Marimuthu told me recently about the craze of the new Unicorn Frappucino drink at Starbuck.

That’s why Akhil and I went there with juniors Neil Rao and Varun Meduri after surviving through what was possibly the hardest week of our lives, one filled with tests, girl issues and more tests.

The interesting colors, seemingly positive reviews from Akhil’s dad and the mango syrup immediately got us hyped up.

I mean as Indians, it would only be natural that we would be excited to try a mango drink.

Unfortunately, it turned out that either Mr. Marimuthu lacked taste buds or the stress from the Week from Hell just made everything 20 times worse than what it should have tasted like.

To be honest, our first few seconds with the drink weren’t bad.

As we all took our first sips, Varun immediately backed out, running straight for the barista and asking for a large glass of water. That meant there was just more to share between Neil, Akhil and me.

If only we had all made Varun’s decision.

As we continued sipping on the drink, the slight mango taste slowly diminished and as we reached the blue syrup, it started tasting like sour candy — or, more accurately, sour candy in milk.

Basically, if you want to make the Unicorn drink at home, just find a sour patch or ring pop, pour milk or yogurt all over it and then toss in a slice of mango. Does that sound good? If so, I think you have bigger issues facing you than just AP tests.

The drink was at Starbucks for only a few days between April 19-23, making it one of Starbucks’ most limited drinks yet. Let’s hope it never returns.


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