New DJ headlines Back to School dance

September 17, 2018 — by Marisa Kingsley

DJ Sir Edgar performs during Back to School Dance

Students gathered in the quad on Aug. 17 for the annual back to school dance, themed “Welcome To The Jungle.”

ASB dance commissioner junior Nicole Wong said it was an overall success, even if attendance wasn’t as high as she had hoped.

Along with the general festivities, the dance commission also ran a costume contest; the prize was two tickets to winter formal. The winner was senior Rachel Bakke, who was dressed as a tropical bird.

According to Wong, the budget for the dance was a total of $1,657.46 and the amount made was $1,572.46. About 150 to 200 students attended, she said.

Some students complained about a new DJ Sir Edgar, who replaced DJ Delicious.

“I personally found some of the songs he played hard to dance to,” sophomore Charlotte Shewchuk said. “I didn’t know a lot of them.”

Although Wong knows that a DJ cannot win over everyone, she was content with the change in music.     

“I like how this DJ was new; he played more EDM kind of music. But I also liked how DJ Delicious would play more throwback songs that people could sing to,” Wong said. “If we had [someone who was] a mix of the two DJs, it would’ve been the perfect match for our school.”

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