New CBI teacher teaches vital skills to students

September 24, 2022 — by Skyler Mao and Annie Liu
The newest member of the school’s CBI program said he was excited to collaborate with students and teachers.

Leif Bostrom is the newest special education instructor at the school and is working in the Community-Based Instruction program. 

Having taught for 17 years in the East Bay and San Jose, Bostrom has been interested in community-based programs similar to the one at the school. He works with a team of three teachers to better prepare his students for the life ahead of them.

After earning his special education credential from teaching special education students in a middle school in the Castro Valley, Bostrom worked as a middle school teacher for World History and English for years in Danville. 

While he hasn’t worked with CBI students in the past,  he attended a program at Los Gatos High this past summer that helped prepare him for the position. 

Bostrom loves that the school’s CBI program focuses more on making students independent and teaching vital life skills, which are rarely or not mentioned at all in a normal school curriculum. He also helps the students relax and focus through movements and breathing exercises.

“I enjoy having a connection with students for a whole school day,” Bostrom said. “As a case manager, I get to work with the student, their family and other specialists to collaborate as a team. I enjoy this approach to teaching as it feels very well rounded.”

Bostrom is enjoying the campus and student body, and he is looking forward to learning more about the community’s culture and  environment. 

“I can say that every day is uniquely exciting, offering joys and challenges,” Bostrom said. “I love our team of teachers, support staff and students! Saratoga High also has a really nice quaint vibe where it feels like a community.”

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