MAP wins county-wide Glenn Hoffman award

April 2, 2019 — by Phoebe Wang

The Media Arts Program (MAP) was recently awarded the Glenn Hoffman award in the category of student leadership. This award recognizes school programs across the county that have had a significant impact on student success.

“All of the staff members and the students feel honored that we finally got recognized for something that we do and for something that we are proud of doing,” said senior Kitty Huang, a student leader for the program. “Regardless of student leadership, we all work very hard on every aspect of this program. The teachers work very hard to put this program together.”

MAP coordinator Suzanne Herzman said that working with the student MAP leadership team has been the best part of her job, pointing to events like Smash’n and the 48-hour film festival as notable successes on their part.

One of the criteria for the award is if the program can be replicated. While other schools may not be able to afford the high-tech facilities here, Herzman thinks that the model of interdisciplinary learning is a important aspect of what makes the ideas behind MAP transferable. Other criteria include having been a program for more than two years, its impact on students, its level of innovation as well as its sustainability.

Herzman said that the program was entered into two categories, curriculum and student leadership.

MAP, through linking English, history and media arts, brings “skills that really apply to college and career,” Herzman said.

Huang feels that the interdisciplinary, interactive approach to learning has sustained her enthusiasm in MAP. Both she and Herzman agree that what MAP represents for the community has become something to be proud of, regardless if it won an award.

“Even if it’s activities or Smash’n or the speaker series, we’ve all been trying really hard to expand the spirit of MAP,”  Huang said.