MAP celebrates 10-year-anniversary of Speaker Series

September 27, 2018 — by Amy Tang

The Media Arts Program has held many speaker series over the years, with guests including USA Olympics photographer Jeff Cable and NBC anchor Scott McGrew. To celebrate the 10-year of the series, MAP is hosting an advance screening of documentary created by three Saratoga High alumni on Oct. 9 at 5:30 pm in the McAfee Center.

The event, which has free admission, has invited former MAP teacher and co-creator of the program Tony Palma to make an opening address. Following him, MAP Booster parents will talk about the creation and the development of the program.

A screening of the investigative documentary, “Fail State,” will follow the speakers. The event will be a premiere for the audience because the documentary won’t be officially released on Amazon Prime and other platforms until later this year.

The documentary, produced by Dan Rather, investigates the for-profit college industry, specifically the ways that colleges exploit low-income and minority students.

According to senior and MAP student leader Kitty Huang, MAP Boosters coordinated with the speakers to create the event, while the MAP student leadership board worked to promote the event on campus.

“We worked really hard to pull this all together,” Huang said. “This is a special event and I hope a lot of people will show up.”