Location of junior prom elicits mixed reactions

April 3, 2009 — by Ben Clement

This year’s location for junior prom, the Fourth Street Summit Center in downtown San Jose, has received much enthusiasm; however, the price of $80 per person has solicited more conflicted opinions.

The prom will be themed “Somewhere Only We Know” and will be held on April 25. According to junior class president Tiffany Mo, the chosen location is a ballroom situated atop a parking structure.

“People think that because it’s on the roof, it’s outside, but there’s actually a ballroom and two balconies,” said Mo. “So, you can be inside in the ballroom or go outside on the balcony and see the view.”

The event is being catered by the high-end Fairmont Hotel, which is, according to Mo, the primary factor contributing to the high price. This price has resulted in varied opinions.

“$80 is a huge amount of money for just one night, especially for the guys who may end up paying for their dates as well,” said junior Zakir Khan. “That totals $160 for entrance alone…not to mention the cost of renting a tuxedo.”

On the other hand, some students don’t mind paying for high quality food and a nice location.

“I’ve heard that the Fairmont has great food,” said junior Caroline Dietrich. “I wouldn’t make my date buy me my bid. That’s just too much.”

Junior class officers are still hopeful for a high turnout at the prom and believe that more students will sign up as the date nears.

April 22 is the last day to buy bids in the Activities Office, but prices will go up as the deadline gets closer.

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