Lilly Singh’s new talk show exhibits diversity in the industry

November 20, 2019 — by Harshini Velchamy

“Hello my name is Lilly and I ain’t a white man,” comedian Lilly Singh raps.

This line is part of the introductory segment for “Little Late with Lilly Singh,” NBC’s new late night show, starring YouTube comedian Lilly Singh. The highly anticipated show is the first late night show to star a woman of Indian descent who also happens to be bisexual.

Singh, also known by her YouTube username iiSuperwomanii, rose to internet fame through her popular skits. She poked fun at her immigrant parents and other parts of being Indian American. Over her eight years as a YouTuber, Singh acquired more than 16 million subscribers and a total of 3 billion views.

Singh’s show has been put in place of Carson Daly’s 1:35 a.m. Singh said in her first episode of the series that her talk show will be different from the other talk shows on NBC because she does not plan on divulging into politics; rather, she will focus on her perspective as a woman of color.

“I realize this show is so much bigger than me,” Singh said on her talk show. “It’s a chance to represent communities that don’t always see themselves celebrated on TV like people of color, LGBTQ community or women who’ve turned 30.”

As shown through her jokes and skits, her show aims to attract young teens of Indian and Asian descent.

Singh’s show represents another step forward for Hollywood. In Lilly Singh’s words, “Let’s keep shattering those glass ceilings, y’all!!”