Light-hearted Instagram accounts grow in popularity

December 17, 2021 — by Zachary Zinman
Rishi Atreya and Arnav Shah pose with a parked police car in the background.

“There is no way that’s real,” junior Noah Marquez said while laughing hysterically at a picture of a horrific parking job posted on the @saratogabadparking Instagram account.

@saratogabadparking is just one of the various joke accounts now flooding students’ Instagram feeds. Some of these Instagram accounts include: @saratogasleeps, which is dedicated to posting pictures of students sleeping during class, and “tea” accounts such as @saratogatea2021 that post gossip and drama within the school. 

“I just wanted to create a fun account to create a community within the school,” said the owner of the bad parking account, who requested to stay anonymous. “It’s just a fun thing to laugh about.”

The owner said they mainly get images of poor parking jobs sent to the account; thus far, no one has requested that a post be taken down.

“It’s pretty hilarious to catch your friends lacking,” the owner said. “When someone parks in a rather subpar way, I can’t wait to see their reaction at school the next day. It’s light-hearted fun that gives students a thing to laugh about.”

The owner’s favorite post is one in which seniors Rishi Atreya and Arnav Shah pose comically next to the vehicle of a sheriff’s deputy.

The owner said what truly makes this photo hilarious is the deputy’s crooked parking job. 

There are also a lot of submissions complaining about juniors parking in the unofficial senior parking lot, but the owner said this was not the main purpose of the account.

The account has gained a lot of popularity and traction around campus recently. Instead of the owner of the account taking pictures of the horrendous parking jobs on their own, the account regularly receives submissions of bad parking.

“I feel like the account has genuinely made people better parkers on campus,” the owner said. “People are more cautious because there is now an account focused on bad parking.”