Keshi: potentially the next John Mayer

October 15, 2019 — by Jun Lee

Acoustic artist Keshi draws in listeners through his alluring/captivating voice and lyrics that resonate with his audience.

If you are into slow pop or acoustic-based music like that of John Mayer, rising artist Casey Luong, known as Keshi, is a perfect match for your taste. 

My cousin introduced me to Keshi when I was visiting her in New Jersey. As soon as I heard his song “Skeleton,” I realized Keshi’s talent. The lyrics were very relatable with a chill yet moody melody.

My favorite album of Keshi’s is his 2019 album “Skeletons.” It includes songs like “Summer” and “Atlask,” both nostalgic songs that always put me into a reflective mood about elusive moments of the past. 

Keshi has amazing vocals, bittersweet lyrics and upbeat vibes. His songs incorporate an off-beat syncopation and guitar melody. He will leave any listener captivated by the sincerity that resonates in each song.

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