Kendrick Lamar’s new album ‘DAMN.’ proves best of 2017

December 11, 2017 — by Esha Lakhotia

With all 14 of the songs on ‘DAMN.’ reaching the Billboard Top 100, rapper Kendrick Lamar became the fifth artist to chart as many as 14 concurrent titles on the Hot 100. The last artists  to have done this was The Beatles 50 years ago.

As 2017 reaches an end, hundreds of talented artists have released new songs and albums that have blown away the music industry.

Still, one of the most viral albums of all time, Lamar’s “DAMN.” proves to be the best album of 2017.

Lamar explains what it’s like to be an African American man in a relationship with God. He uses his platform to speak out for the black community and to bring God into the question of struggle and pain. Compared to his 2015 album “To Pimp A Butterfly,” Lamar uses a slower, more meaningful flow that highlights his internal struggles.

His most popular single, “HUMBLE.,” secured the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks in a row.

What makes the album so amazing is not the number of streams or its rank on the charts, but the overall message and tone he conveys through it. Instead of emphasizing how much money he has or rapping about past relationships like many other contemporary rappers, Lamar delves into his own flawed nature.

In his song “DNA,” Lamar raps, “I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA.” In these lyrics, Lamar admits that he has “evil” in his heart and that he is not some perfect celebrity to be put on a pedestal.

In this album, he has another less-known song, “FEAR,” in which Lamar talks about being cursed by God and having hardships in life. In the hook, he samples Charles Edward Sydney Isom Jr., asking, “Why God, why do I have to suffer?” Through these lines, Lamar confronts his inner struggles and directly addresses his religious beliefs and faith in God.

With its plays on words and inspirational messages, it is clear why “DAMN.” is the best album of 2017. Not only is each song in the album extremely popular, but it’s also an album that one can listen to without getting bored.


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